11,000 Gallon fuel tank - for rent


11,000 Gallon Fuel Tank


11,000 gallon fuel tank. DOUBLE WALLED, 100% CONTAINMENT, with built-in weatherproof secondary containment that eliminates the need for pans or basins.

Built for durability and consistent usage. Offers superior security and versatility for stationary fueling applications.

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LENGTH 471.57 in
WIDTH 88.03 in
HEIGHT 98.63 in
WEIGHT 19,092 lbs empty, 44,838 lbs full



- Mobile

Designed with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for easy tank handling and relocation when empty.

- Access Hatch

Allows easy inspection of inner tank and simplifies routine maintenance

- Double Walled, 100% Containment

Built-in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.

- Secure Hose Access

Letterbox-style ports enable continuous fueling while the cabinet is locked.

- Lockable Cabinet

Full-height pump cabinet secures all dispensing equipment, ports and fittings for safety and security.