Custom Pump Skids for Your Tank

500 Gallon Fuel Tank For Rent

Custom Pump Skids for Your Tank

On-Demand is not only renting your primary fuel storage solution, but now offers you a fueling solution to accompany your fuel tank. In addition to our standard pumping setups, we have expanded our fleet to meet your specific requirements.

We are helping our new and existing customers, who come to us because they are frustrated with the lack of reliable pumping systems for rental, concerned about meeting the specs on a project that requires high flow, or some customers require a turnkey package that includes a tank and pump.


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Our technical sales and project team works side by side with your project managers and engineers to discuss the pumping requirements based on your specific project.  In order to fulfil a range of demands, these pump skids can be rented alongside a large tank, or by themselves, to use with a current setup.

Each project has multiple different requirements, beginning with the pump size, leading to pump flow, filtering, meters, and ending with the nozzle. Each pump skid is built to easily connect and disconnect off the 3” line, inside the tank cabinet. Being built with fork pockets allows the pump skids to be easily moved around a jobsite or stored inside the cabinet. This way, if there are multiple tanks, you can use one pump setup for all of them.

Custom pump setups are often found on military bases, large construction sites when they are filling tank wagons, and mining sites. When there is a need for a high volume of fuel, you can rely on this fueling solution, On-Demand.

With the option of commissioning and decommissioning, our on-call technicians are available to work with your team on site, to get things up and running.

Keep Fluid, Stay Liquid.