250 Gallon Fuel Tank - For Rent

500 Gallon Fuel Tank For Rent

250 gallon fuel tank - for rent


250 Gallon Fuel Tank250 gallon fuel tank. DOUBLE WALLED, 110% CONTAINMENT, FULLY TRANSPORTABLE, DOT approved to allow handling while the tank is full, also features full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles.

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LENGTH 45.00 in
WIDTH 45.00 in
HEIGHT 52.00 in
WEIGHT 1,190 lbs empty, 3,178 lbs full




Designed with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for easy tank handling and relocation when empty.

Access Hatch

Allows easy inspection of inner tank and simplifies routine maintenance

Double Walled, 100% Containment

Built-in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.

Secure Hose Access

Letterbox-style ports enable continuous fueling while the cabinet is locked.

Lockable Cabinet

Full-height pump cabinet secures all dispensing equipment, ports and fittings for safety and security.