On-Call Fuel Tank Contingency Program

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On-call fuel tank contingency program

We are pleased to offer our contingency program which gives you the ability to rapidly deploy fuel tanks at a moment’s notice anywhere across the USA. Take away the hassle and stress of locating and deploying fuel tanks for unplanned events by having them on-call & ready to roll!

Why should you consider this contingency program?

We’ve all been there...  An unplanned event or emergency strikes and immediately there’s a scramble for equipment and solutions.  You call your usual provider; they don’t have availability. You call the next company; they don’t answer, "its after-hours!" All the while your business is down. People are waiting on you. Equipment needs fuel. Your customers are depending on you.

Take away all this stress & reserve the tanks you need to fuel your operations today, we’re a one-call partner that gives you the solution you need, when you need it, and on your terms. 

What is this program ideal for?

  • Hurricane Preparedness & Response
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Emergency Back-up for Unplanned Outages
  • Environmental or Remediation Emergencies
  • Temporary or Seasonal Fuel Needs (e.g., increased demand, etc.)

How does the program work?

It’s as simple as...

Step 1: Choose your contingency equipment & payment terms. Review the standard contingency tank offering & confirm your size needs & quantities. Then confirm whether you prefer the monthly billing or prepay option.

Step 2: Lock-in your contingency program. Once your tank selection is confirmed, simply reach out to our team to register for the programand book your contingency tanks. The tanks are then available for you to deploy as soon as you require them.

Step 3: Deploying tanks when required. When you need your tank(s), simply notify our team & the tanks(s) will be deployed from our yard in 24 hours or less. Only then does your deployed daily rate begin. Whether you need the tank for one day, one week, or one month, you only pay for the days deployed. Once the tank is back in our yard, the tank is then cleaned & prepared for the next time you need it!