On-Demand Rentals Joins the CAT Allied Vendor Program


On-Demand Rentals Joins the CAT Allied Vendor Program

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that solidifies our commitment to providing you with exceptional fuel storage solutions. On-Demand Rentals is now an official member of the Caterpillar Allied Vendor Program. The CAT Allied Vendor Program is a unique partnership that ensures consistency and excellence across CAT Rental Store fleets. We are honored to have been approved as a preferred vendor, which further highlights our dedication to quality and reliability in the industry.

As an allied vendor, we align with CAT dealers to deliver uniform offerings that meet the high standards you've come to expect. Our selection was based on a thorough evaluation process that considers factors such as product features, support capabilities, training, promotion programs, brand image, delivery efficiency, and safety features. Renowned for our commitment to safety and performance, On-Demand Rentals is excited to integrate into the CAT family.

With a track record of providing top-notch fuel and fluid storage solutions, we are eager to forge a robust partnership aimed at catering to the equipment needs of the construction industry. Our affiliation with the CAT Allied Vendor Program empowers us to continue delivering:

Quality Excellence: Our fuel storage solutions align seamlessly with CAT's commitment to high-quality equipment, ensuring your operations remain efficient and reliable.

Consistency: By being part of the Allied Vendor Program, we guarantee that our offerings are consistent across all CAT Rental Store fleets, providing you with a unified experience.

Support and Expertise: We are dedicated to providing exceptional product support, training, and assistance to ensure you make the most out of our fuel storage solutions.

Safety First: Just like CAT's emphasis on safety, our UL142 double-wall, self-contained tanks prioritize safety and performance for your peace of mind.

We are excited about the new possibilities this partnership brings and look forward to serving you as part of the CAT family. Should you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at 844-496-3842. Together, we'll continue to drive excellence in the industry.