At On-Demand Rentals, we focus on providing you with fuel and fluid storage solutions. Whether for the job site, fleet fueling, or to support your back-up power, On-Demand has a product to suit your needs. We help with many different projects including:




Extending Runtimes

Frustrated with filling generators every 8 hours? This customer rented 2 x 8,000 gallon fuel tanks for their continuous duty generators. Instead of filling the generators every 8 hours, they filled the fuel tanks every 3 days.


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On-Site Fueling

Worried about wasting time with small fuel deliveries? A large grocery chain across the Midwest, needed fuel on-site to support their fleet of reefer trucks for the holiday season. Not only did having fuel on site save money for the grocery chain, but it also reduced the number of deliveries for the fuel distributor, and made it so they had one central filling location, instead of fueling each individual trailer.


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Barge Project

Need fuel tanks for working on or near the water? This customer rented 4 fuel tanks, that are marine approved, to fuel equipment on a barge. Ask about our transportable tank options from 250-2,100 gallons.


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Back-Up Fuel Project

Concerned about running out of fuel? This large energy customer rented 40 tanks from 4,500 gallons to 17,500 gallons, for 20+ locations across the Michigan region. At the beginning of Covid-19, there was the growing concern about operations being shut down. This energy company couldn’t run out of fuel, so they called On-Demand for support.


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Bulk Storage Project

How do you prepare for Storm Season? This customer rented 3 x 17,500 gallon fuel tanks to ensure they could keep up and running for their customers. With the 3” fill and suction ports, they filled their fuel trucks off the large tanks.


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Tank Cleaning Project

Where do you store fuel out of a large tank for a short period of time? This customer rented 50,000 gallons of storage for two weeks while they got their 150,000 gallon bulk storage tank cleaned.


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Hospital Back-Up

How are you supporting your customers that require backup fuel? This customer rented an 8,000 gallon tank to a hospital to ensure their options never went down through the Covid crisis.


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Job Site Support

Can’t get enough fuel on site? This customer rented 2 x 4,500 gallon fuel tanks with remote monitoring, not only to have enough fuel on site, but to save their trucks from leaving site to go to a fuel station.


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Equipment Fueling

Who do you turn to for a short-term construction project? This customer rented a 2,300 gallon tank for a job site so they could get a discount on fuel by getting bulk deliveries to the site.


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